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The Donegal Woman

The Donegal Woman
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A true story of survival against all odds.


Glowing reviews made it a runaway best seller in Ireland, and The Donegal Woman is now finally available as an eBook in the United States and the rest of the world.


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shutterstock_426868162_for_site Less than 100 years ago, a form of slavery still persisted in parts of rural Ireland—the hiring fair system. Children as young as seven or eight were sold for fixed periods by their impoverished parents to farmers who worked them to the bone, treating them as little more than cattle. And often, even worse.

The Donegal Woman is based on the true story of the author’s own grandmother, Margaret. Born to the poorest of Protestant farmers in the hills of Donegal, Margaret was hired out as a child, raped by her master, and once pregnant, forced to marry another man many times her age. But Margaret survived in a silent world of her own, driven by a passionate determination to do right by her children.

Reviving the tradition of three of Ulster’s great radical writers, Peadar O’ Donnell, Patrick MacGill, and Sam Hannah Bell, this author, with his first novel, has captured the authentic voice of a woman of extraordinary spirit. John Throne beautifully tells his grandmother’s tragic story, a story much like that of countless other Irishwomen of her time.

Margaret’s story is a powerful reflection of the struggle against oppression that women have long faced. Her resilience and strength is inspirational to all women. Women the world over can identify with Margaret and see her tale as the feminist call to action that it is.

For many years, The Donegal Woman was available exclusively in print; during that time, it garnered praise from throughout Ireland and the international Irish diaspora. (Click here to read some of those kind words.) Author John Throne knows well that the Donegal diaspora—which includes those born in Donegal and those with heritage from it—seeks to learn more about all sides of the county’s history. This story, his grandmother’s story, remembers and documents a dark time in that history. Passionately and beautifully told, The Donegal Woman is an unflinching remembrance of one woman’s tragic story; sadly, it reflects the experiences of countless other women from her time and place. Finally, The Donegal Woman eBook is available for sale in the United States and worldwide. Purchase the eBook The Donegal Woman today at either of the links below.



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